Sangomas in South Africa

Sangomas in South Africa wield great power in the areas that they work in. Although not trained as spell makers or sorcerers – there are sangomas who practise this type of witchcraft. Spells and sorcery are the domain of witch doctors. A powerful sangoma will be more involved in the community and the welfare of his people in the village. They are not supposed to be business men trading in magic and potions – although a fair portion of traditional healers do make a very good living selling all kinds of traditional medicines. While western nations think that Africa is coming around to a western way of thinking they could not be more wrong. Witchcraft is alive and flourishing in Africa!  Sangoma training is long and arduous – traditional healers in South Africa go through a rigorous training with a qualified healer - a person will be called by the ancestors to become a traditional healer. Those merely looking to play with magick spells will find no place in traditional African culture –  sangoma muti is powerful, and in many cases the knowledge is protected, and only passed on to an initiate once the teacher is sure that the person will become a Sangoma.

Witchcraft and voodoo are still very highly regarded by most Africans, even those who have had a western upbringing, and live in the cities. In fact many businessmen (using power spells, money spells and revenge spells), sportsmen,  (football spells) and professionals make use of Sangomas and traditional healers – and not to forget the criminals – they are widely known to use spells for stopping bullets, protection spells, while engaging in their crime. One has to wonder who is selling these spells and potions, it is a huge market, and it could be said that the African witch involved in this kind of sorcery is part of the problem. Sangoma training and how to become a traditional healers in South Africa is often just people looking to be able to do magick spells. While sangoma muti can be considered as spells and magick – it is very different to western witchcraft like Wicca. And many average people are going to Sangomas in South Africa looking for a love spell that work!

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